learning objective version 3

1) pupils will be able to compare between two numbers formed from 3 digits.

2) pupils should be able to identify the type of triangle with respect to length of its sides.

3) pupils will be able to draw a triangle knowing the length of its sides.

4) pupils should be able to create an equilateral triangle without given its sides length.

5) pupils should be able to analysing some given triangle without using any tools

My objectives after reading the comment version 3

1) pupils will be able to compare between two numbers formed from 3 digits.

2) pupils should be able to identify the type of triangle with respect to length of its sides.

3) pupils will be able to draw a triangle knowing the length of its sides.

4) pupils should be able to create an equilateral triangle without given its sides length.

5) pupils should be able to analyzing some given triangle without using any tools

Introducing my self

My names mahmoud mahrous ,i am mathematics teacher for prep and secondary school ,i listen about professional educator diploma from my brother , i hope learn more and more about technology to improve my way in teaching, i hope to learn more technology tools to differentiate between tools, I need to tell you there is amazing tool called (moodle) this site i work on it this very creative site for every school ,Also i read a lot about reflected learning and how it help many school to improve their level


.what is the meaning of using Internet  ?
This meaning different from person to another most of our parents don’t know anything about the Internet they only listen that it is bad thing or good and if they see it is good they leave their sons to use it without any control , the sons use it without any care Which is very dangerous , I will tell you  about some problems from using internet
Once there is a wife she love his husband very much , she is a housewife , this wife accept any friends , some one made  chat with her and she always took to him because his husband spend most of his time in his work after that she start to hate him he ask him to leave her and he told him that she love another person he leave her but this person made a bad relation with her and he leave it because he is a lier .
Also some girls leave their own photos and some persons take the photo and use it with a bad way.

What shall we do to be safe in using the Internet.
1) Don’t leave any personal information
2)  Don’t took to any one
3) Choose your friends
4) Don’t open any unknown message , sometimes it has hacker to take your personal password
5) As parents you must observe you children and advice them how they can use Internet
6) take   care from your relationships.
7) Always try to use well known sites
8) Remove your Web cam and use it when you need it
9) Don’t give your information to any one
10) Protect your  computer from bad sites

At the end we must know what and how and and why we use the internet  


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Learning styles

The learning is an operation depend on some points like,
1) age of learners.
2) the cyllabus we teach.
3) the intelligence  of the learners.
Also there is many reasons
But I will took about learning styles from the ability of my subject.
Learning styles.
1) Visual
This person prefer image picture, once l teached to a boy he solve exercises depend on understanding from a picture or situation
Most of his answer depend on remember what I write or said , he solve with a quick way But some times he had mistake because I change small part of the question.

2) Musical -auditory
3) Verbal
4) physical kinesthetic
5) logical mathematical
I like this style of learning because this kind of students provides me with a new ideas during solve exercises.
6) Social (groups)
7) Solitary (self study)
All this styles help the teacher to use different ways in explaining the lesson,
But the problem with my subject is  most of teachers in Egypt in their teaching depend on memorizing  that made the students hate mathematics because it depend on understanding and little memorizing for the rules also some times there are a big difference between the intelligence of students in one class, so I see that it is important for any school to divide the class es depend on their levels and try to choose different styles for teaching one lesson to be suitable for all learners to get highest results.

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Drawing scale

I choose drawing scale because this lesson connect between studying and our life

For example
This lesson  help students to understand how we can draw maps or make a design for a building or the design of the class

The way of presentation
1) I will ask the student to draw the door of the class in one min.
I will take their pictures and show it to all students they will see different picture to the same door .

I will ask the student how we can  build a building like their school .

Probably one of them told me that
An engineer make a design
– I will ask them how the builder can take this design and form equal classes.

After that I will explain that the builder  read some numbers from the design and make the building for example
If he read length of class 5 cm and width 4 cm then he will build a class of length 5m and width 4m .

I will Ask the students what do you notice?
Probably one of them will told me that there is a relation between real length of the class and the length on the design this relation called ratio

I will explain to the student that this ratio called drawing scale.

The drawing scale is a ratio between drawing length (on design) and real length

After that I will to ask them to draw the door of the class but I will told them about the real dimensions of the door  and I  will ask them to make their picture with a drawing scale and told me about it

I will do some activities
Activity 1
I will divide the class into groups
1) group 1
I will ask them to go to the playground of the school and find its real dimensions and draw it with a constant drawing scale
2) group 2
I will ask them to go to library and find its real dimensions and ask them to draw it with the same drawing scale.
3) group 3
I will ask them to take the results and make a relation between the results.

Activity 2
Individual activity
I will ask all students to find any thing in their house and find its real dimensions then draw it using drawing scale

Sites provide the topic

Www.mathsisfun.com/drawing scale

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Copyright and Plagiarism
As we know most of Egyptions don’t know what is copyright or what is Plagiarissm?
Because our caleture neglect them.

During my study in faculty of education most professors neglect the copyright in teaching
They Give us only a note about the scientist who write this theoriem but the professors which ask me to make a researcher they asked me only to put the names of the references which I use it.

Also I graduated from the college without understanding the meaning of copyright or Plagiarism but after I start the diploma with previous subjects I start to know the importance of copyright.

In my school before I start to discuss my colleagues in my school I collect them as groups depend on the subject their opinions are different

For Arabia and social studies sections
They told me that their books don’t have a copy right in primary and prep  it is diffcult for the students in this stages to understand the meaning because they thought that their reference is the teacher only but in the secondary stage most topics have a copyright but in a limit side.

Mathematics and science teachers
They told me that theoriems ,experiments and  main topics are referenced but it is difficult to make a copyright or reference the examples also in secondary stage 15 years ago they are referenced the school book to the main references.

After the discussion of us about this topic we suggest some ideas

For primary stage
1) we can make existing stories for children to understand them the meaning of copyright and Plagiarism.
2) we can make a reference for subject in a simple way
For example in math we should to explain how people start addition and which one discover it.
In science
We can write the names of scientists for each lesson.
In Arabic
We can write the writer of the articles

2) in prep stage
The pupils have ability to know the importance of copyright or Plagiarism.
We can learn the students the copyright and Plagiarism also we can give them a topic
with its references and ask students to search about new information in libraries.

3) in secondary stage
We can ask students to make a small research and reference it .

Finally I see that teachers are divided into two groups
1) First group
They discuss with me the problem and give me ideas like
A) stories for children.
B) good libraries have a huge amount of references
C) in our worksheets we must write at least the names of the books which I use it for the worksheets.
D)ask students to make small researches.

2)The second group
A) why we do that?
B) we need marks for students only.
C)if students know the sources of our information they did not respect us.
D) leave this work and take care from your work.

The principle of the school said that
Most of the private schools make booklet and gain money they will refuse to make references because they will pay more money.
Also he see that it is good idea.


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So far so good


At first I was frustrated with idea of technology, as I was illiterate or you can say unaware of its importance or benefits.so I joined the PED program aiming to get rid of my technological ignorance but-and to be honest- first I was lost, I did not know where to start and what to do but then my ignorance started to reach an end and the cloud started to vanish. In that course I learned many things in a very short time, to be more clear I had my first hand on some social networks such as twitter.Another great lesson was how to create my own blog and how to use it to express my own thoughts and how to accept comments on what I think and say.beside that, and on another aspect I learned some other important issues some were ethical and others were academic, as for those which…

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”MOOCs mean ” Massive open online course”

The reasons for teachers should  dip-into MOOCs are

 MOOCs has a lot of courses in different topics-

 MOOCs help me to know different ways for thinking in math-

 MOOCs help me to know in my teaching to explain the problem with different ways-

 MOOCs has several topics and different materials help me to know a lot information about any -topic I need it not only in math but also in different things

Some useful courses to me

Building your own online class-

How to choose the MOOC platform

Introduction to mathematical philosophy-

Applying MOOC lessons to traditional classrooms : tips for teachers.-


 Khan Academy

it is wonderful site because it help me to create my own class room and invite my students

useful things

a) creating my own classroom that help me as a  teacher to discuss with my students

today the schools in Egypt is closed we can use this site with a regular way to contact with our students.

It has a lot of videos help me and student to find any topic we need it and see it with different –ways

3) It is very useful for academic education and our school-


things not useful

It need to be arranged with regular education and cover all materials for all stages also for public school ,American schools , experimental schools



3)Tahrir academy

What is useful in Al Tahrir academy?

1) It has a specific topics for the student like how to draw a circle?

2)It is Arabic site which provide the public schools.

What is un useful in Al Tahrir academy?

1) It has little topics

2) it didn’t cover complete stage 







ass.for 2nd secion

  • At first, thank you for your efforts with us the activity which we made was nice but i couldn’t understand what was the aim of it ? was it talking  about  Individual differences between people or different religions or what…………? and what were the benefits for us it was good activity but with unclear objective Also we don’t need to took about Muslim and Christian because it depend on the person if he is good or not depend on all people.
  • I need to understand what is the difference between 505 and 506 and what are their goals
  • sometimes i don’t understand some topics when the other group 506 took about it because i didn’t her about it before